Feminine Mastery is calling you…



As a woman who lives with feminine mastery you are a change maker of the future.

You carry an instinctual knowing that your body is designed to experience the eternal flow of power, pleasure, vision and emotion.

No matter what your role in life if you dance in the mystical world of feminine mastery you will heal this world's wounds and weave the future.



You can rise into your power and learn to thrive as an earth connected modern woman.


LEARN how to use crisis for transformation and embody the deep truths of wild sourced wisdom.

OWN and unleash your voice.

DROP the bullshit which shrouds your greatest pains and activate your super powers.

SHARPEN your visionary offering.

BRING your life into alignment with your soul's desires.

KNOW once and for all you are enough.

You know all too well what it's like to wake up and meet another glorious day feeling burnt out, desperate and stuck. Stuck in your sexual wounding, flat in your body and in denial of your deepest visionary desires. You know you have a role to play in humanity’s future but you just can’t believe in yourself enough to really release your power and step up.

You've worked your arse off to be the powerful woman you are and yet you are still being asked to go deeper and surrender even more.

The powerful sensual version of YOU is a dream which both terrifies and excites you and you don’t yet have the skills to bring HER forward.

You yearn more than ever to nail living your life as a sacred wild journey full of juicy pleasure, deep connection and earth power - to feel your soul deep in your body driving your life’s journey. Knowing in your heart that you are on track and exactly where you need to be - saying yes to your life, embracing your body, being worthy of pleasure and powerfully contributing to this beautiful world.

You're ready for your soul's transformation to embody a powerful GRACE and to do this you know you need a genuine earth based spiritual UPGRADE.

To live your visionary purpose you not only WANT but NEED to take your personal power to the next level and powerfully break you out of crisis cycles.


I am the Founder of Nature Philosophy WOMEN & Co-Founder of Nature Philosophy Australia.

I guide modern women to connect with their soul and thrive.


I'm super loving, direct and full of the ancient feminine truths you've been seeking. I would LOVE to help you upscale your life into maximum pleasure, earth connection and soul power.

Let’s be honest the way you feel in your body and your connection to your soul’s power is essential. It defines our personal story and sovereignty in life.

When we heal our relationship to our body and move deeply held experience we powerfully release our authentic feminine essence and sensual soul power.

I’ve spent the last 20 years on this exact healing journey - healing my relationship to my body and cultivating my soul’s power.

I’ve trained in numerous wild sourced spiritual traditions and discovered skills of Feminine Mastery that can bomb proof your power and upscale your visionary offering.

I live this wisdom and share only the skills of Feminine Mastery that truly work.

If you are ready to work with me you are ready to rewrite your story, redefine what it is to be a powerful woman and THRIVE.

I would LOVE to hear from you and explore working together…






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Having been to the ‘best’ psychologists and psychotherapists in my time, none of them came close to helping me as much as Kate has. She has a gift of helping one see a different way, when you think there is no other way. Her perceptive skills and deep knowing are spot on. I cannot recommend Kate Rydge highly enough.
— Diana Rose
Kate is a truly wise and highly aware mentor that can take the willing apprentice on a journey of spiritual growth and freedom. Mentoring with Kate over the last two years has accelerated my path of evolution, knowledge, and integration… Kate’s gifts of compassion, highly attuned listening, and feminine perspective is a unique treasure in my life.
— Rain Czupryna
Kate offers ancient teachings to a modern world that so badly needs to find a connection to it’s primal roots.
— Rachel Tabone
Kate’s grounded presence offers me the freedom and space to truly be myself. Her knowledge of and relationship with the earth awaken an ancient remembering that allows the raw, wild woman within to safely expose herself. Her gentle guidance and insightful wisdom are a blessing in my life. For women seeking to remember and embody their true selves I highly recommend working with Kate.
— Talia Levy
In reaching out to Kate for guidance I have felt warmly accepted and safely held. She has listened to me deeply, understood deep parts of my self, offered me tools that are at once simple and accessible and grounded in her deep wisdom. Her communication is clear and direct. It is clear to me that she has brought much of herself into belonging and can thus provide a space for those exiled parts of ourselves to be healed and our personal power restored.
— Vanessa Morris