I believe all women are capable of remembering the true power of the feminine form…

As a child and young woman I was completely unaware of how to really experience pleasure and safety in my body.

I found myself living for years isolated within my pain but with a powerful and acute awareness resting within me.

In my late teens I started to wake up to my spiritual essence and began a deep healing journey which called me towards ancient earth wisdom.

I’ve spent the last 20 years seeking my own personal healing through feminine mysticism, solo wilderness ceremony and indigenous wild sourced wisdom. On this ongoing journey of mastery I have realised many truths about the power of being a woman and how to earth connect and claim this power.

I have been fortunate enough to raise two gorgeous children with my partner of 15 years as part of the journey. The road to becoming a mother and cultivating my own personal Feminine Mastery has been an exhilarating challenge. I’ve also been blessed to spend the last 12 years of my life being mentored by Australian Aboriginal Yolngu Female Elders. Their support and love has been like rocket fuel to my understanding of feminine power.

The heart of the wisdom I share today is directly sourced from my authentic journey of indigenous connections, solo deep nature immersions, soul level service and personally shifting from deep pain to personal freedom.

I now experience pleasure and love in life with a depth of passion I once believed impossible!

I deeply understanding how distressing life can be when you are disconnected from your authentic feminine passions, your body’s power and just plain stuck in emotional pain. 

It is my life's mission to share with you the grace, power and release that is possible from the wild sourced wisdom of Feminine Mastery.

I look forward to hearing your story too…

Much Love, Connection & Feminine Mastery,

xx Kate

Kate Rydge

Feminine Mastery Online, CREATOR

Founder, Nature Philosophy WOMEN

Founder, Nature Philosophy AUSTRALIA